Subletting His Girlfriend

Read about the story here (if you enjoy stories about gullible SJWs). This is Germany, not America, but the suicidal cucking is an Atlantic-spanning phenomenon.

…with Bakary it was one of the best living experiences I’ve had. Not because he was a refugee, but just because we like each other, and it was very easy.

I bet her hipster doofus boyfriend LOVES to hear this from his girlfriend… while sitting on a stool in the corner poking at his micro.


  1. the Germans are so rife with “white guilt” over the mistake they made in the 1930-1940 that they are willing to give away their entire culture – maybe it’s for the best — maybe their genes have run their course…


    1. Hitler thought that all of the best Germans died in WWI and WWII. By the time he shot himself, he thought that the Russians had proved themselves to be the Master Race and hoped they would massacre the surviving Germans before they went on to conquer the world. Nice guy.

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    2. The only “mistake” that Germany made was losing the war. If they could see today, they would never have surrendered (at least the SS would have never surrendered), and there really would have been a holocaust.

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    1. Back in the day her looks would have been described as plain.

      Probably nearly everything useful she touches and uses in her daily life was invented and made by men.


    1. The article says he’s from Mali — I don’t know why anyone from Mali would be given asylum.

      It’s all about being seen as one of the Gutmenschen. You have to look at it that way — otherwise it makes little sense.


  2. You can pretty much gather content for half of this website from the VICE webpage. It really is the only left-wing content source I read, since it is so out in the open with its liberal hipster narcissism.


  3. Somehow I sincerely doubt she’ll be as keen on sharing the flat if he ever grew the requisite bits to suggest they board a Ukrainian female actual refugee.

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  4. I really enjoy watching these older documentaries on WW2. The Germans, especially the SS, were really true bad asses. It appears to me that Hitler’s micro-managing, more than anything else, is why they lost on both fronts. Nevertheless, even with Adolph’s poor tactical decisions and such, the Germans were the s#it. How the Hell did this once great people turn into such a bunch of cucks & pussies?

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    1. Not the germans, the entire western world.

      World War I and World War II were brutal on the western male population, 10 million combatants killed in WW1, 25 million in WW2,

      When millions of your best breeding stock are destroyed it affects your society in two ways. At the macro level, millions of hard working, independent voices were removed from society, resulting in less resistance to harmful mental viruses like socialism, egalitarianism and feminism. On the genetic level, the only males left were the dregs producing the current occupants of the Western World today.

      But don’t worry, the 85 Iq point, middle easterners and Sub Saharans currently flooding Europe are the best of their breeding stock.


  5. I’ve got to ask a simp question:

    Why is there so much antipathy towards dating or marrying a known former mudshark, even a child-less one?

    If you knew that your dick was better (or longer) than any nagger she ever fucked, or if you knew that you could give her the best orgasms in her lifetime, then her hypergamy would be neutralized, right?

    If the former mudshark was STD-free and rated over 9.0 on the physique scale, would you consider her as a LTR or wife material after making her your “alpha widow”?

    I’m going to assume the lack of knowing any woman’s complete sexual history is why nobody wants to take a chance on taming used up coal-burners. Hypergamy might always guide them back to mandingo.


    1. I only ask this because I’ve considered importing a Ukrainian/Russian ice queen for marriage.

      However, thanks to hypergamous ‘gina tingles and the corruptive influence of feminazi Ameri…err…YKW culture, it would probably be cheaper and more convenient to just “man up” and rescue a mudshark from herself.

      I’d prefer a virgin woman myself, but if she fucked an STD-free dog once and didn’t have any kids, I wouldn’t complain. Besides, women put all sorts of foreign objects in their cooches.


      1. Exactly.

        I’d have a better time with Asian women, but I don’t want to have midget half-breeds that become the next SMV-cursed Elliot Rodger or Harper-Mercer.

        I would be content with being a hedonistic poolside MGTOW, but I am still open to creating a traditional white family. However, I dread getting myself “Fireproof”-ed in a loveless marriage because I couldn’t maintain peak alpha frame and fend off more alpha poachers.


    1. Nigspeak and libspeak: “but we’re all the same on the inside”

      Actual translation: “YT,we gonna take yall’s wimmins,yo”


  6. I was recently in Germany, and I can tell that country is coming to an end. Trains were late, half the young people were black/turk/arab.

    What really killed me was when I heard to policemen talking to each other – in Turkish.


    1. That’s funny. When I was in Germany, early 1990, they warned us about the shitty Turks and their sneaky tricks. We were told to carry our wallets in our left back pockets as the Turks had a habit of approaching you from behind, stabbing you in the ass with a knife, then lifting your wallet. We also warned not to fuck with the Poliezi, as unlike American cops in the 80s, the Poliezi would beat the shit out of you if shit talked them like we did in the states.


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