Planned Spinsterhood

Planned Parenthood supporters don’t look like fun dates. (Upside: At least they’ll put out quicker.)



  1. I see something pink in the lap of the scowling crossed arms woman, so she’s probably on Team Abortion.

    At least the girl on the far right is a pro-lifer. I’m not sure about the one next to her, behind the forehead.


  2. monster spawn of feminism — women who devote energy to protecting their “right” to kill unborn children and have other people pay for it


  3. Unhappy, petulant, spoiled, over-empowered mugs on Dotter Thugs. With Punkboy Cuck sitting in the middle, hoping for a roll with the brunette. Who will then abort ‘her’ resulting son.

    These are the rulers of your nations. This is the political bloc that has shaped American (and largely, Western) policy and (anti)culture for the past four decades. Pretty-in-Pink while they constructed their gyno-gulag of abortion, fatherlessness, thugness, greed, and endless empowerment for themselves. While their nations fracture and die.



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