1. If she truly loved her grandmother, that bitch wouldn’t be using her as a prop to attention whore on social networks.

        That duckface is the tell of her insincerity. That might also be a “thousand cock stare”.

        I doubt she had a very close relationship with her granny, probably saw her about twice a year at most while she was busy on the carousel.

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  1. Good lord are women empty between the ears. They need guidance. Society has failed. We let the Tribe destroy us.


    1. If those two are the same person, we have a problem.

      The Lord nuked Sodom and Gomorrah for far less, than what we see today. I wondered often why he hasn’t done anything yet.

      Yesterday, I saw a sign:

      Today, I saw another:

      Perhaps the kind of earthly judgement seen in the old testament was being merely delayed in our age.

      In my childhood, I was the kind of person who would pray for mercy for those people.

      Over the years, I lost my faith.

      Recently, I have begun to reconsider.

      Now, should God be real, I am content to let Him sort out what needs to be sorted out.

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    1. Yeah, the emoticon seems to miss granny more.

      And, is it too much for her to at least close granny’s eye lids first?

      Even if she wasn’t duckfaced here, getting a selfie next to the croaked, bug-eyed look is so tasteless and undignified for the memory of the deceased.


    2. It’s ridiculous, but I think it’s just muscle memory that’s part of the selfie shot. FWIW, her duckface looks half-hearted, not full-on Whore Mode. Duckface is the new “Cheeeeeese!”


  2. holy shit have a look at this:

    at first, i thought this was just a troll till I tried it myself. Simply go to google images and input: white woman

    you will get the above.


  3. If GBA in a photo were a stock its current market cap would be threw the roof. CH would be announcing stock splits monthly.


  4. I’m willing to accept that this picture might have been taken a week or so before Granny passed, and this is just the last shot she has with her Granny – but the complete lack of dignity and respect (while astounding in its scale) seems like the new norm.


  5. Yeah, others observed the duck face, too. A selfie with dead grandma and a duck face. The Onion would have a hard time surpassing this. Not to mention the mortician did a lousy job.


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