1. She’s thin and pretty attractive 5 1/2 months after child birth, so he must have something going for him.

    Not saying a divorce isn’t in his future, but then its in most married men’s future

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  2. White people having kids, both attractive, obviously with a sense of humor and, unusually for our age, a lot of respect and concern for others. Not exactly a “Goodbye America” photo. We’ve seen 10X worse here.


    1. Yeah, wasn’t why this photo was selected. Either it’s the sign or he’s dressed like a bum relative to his wife. Put on some khakis man!


  3. ^Agreed. His betaness notwithstanding, think how much worse an Ebonics-speaking Negro family would comport itself.


  4. attractive wife, nuclear family, a good father, married, taking measures to not get kicked off the flight. joking about his life being over now that he’s a dad.

    who the fuck chose this picture? was the website hacked?


  5. Meh, this is okay. A bit goofy and self-deprecating but he’s not reeking beta or anything and his wife, even post-pregnancy, is still hittable.

    I’d probably take a pair of the earplugs, too.


  6. There are other pictures of this set and yes, the man is nude. Aside from the degenerate nature of the women kneeling in front of him, notice anything else in the background?

    Oh, that’s right, smiling Betas who only watch as they get cucked into oblivion.

    …when will whites wake up?


    1. Surely the pudgy-faced guy in jeans with the simper (or is that lustful fixation on the negro?) is a jew.


  7. Why does everyone feel they need to make a foolish spectacle of themselves these days?
    Put on some goddam pants, tuck in your shirt and wear proper shoes. What are you? An eight-year-old? You’re not endearing yourself to anyone, you buffoon.

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  8. I’m highly incredulous that bugmen can reproduce, especially that specimen. Somewhere a Call of Duty squad is missing a valuable asset.


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