1. Reject racism? that is all we white males do all day! we reject the anti-white racism that our education system, our governments, our main stream media, our entertainment business is directing at us 24 / 7.

    If anyone is trying to do anything about racism it is us white men, whites are the most despised race on this planet in this day and age.

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      1. I say “our” because the same problem is found in all white nations from the USA, England, France, Australia, Norway, Belgium etc to Canada

        Our education system, and media, government etc in all of those white nations is into anti-white male propaganda/brainwashing

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  2. Christian charity (charity was created by the Christians) was considered as an anti-social pratice in the traditionnal Rome (opposed to what scholars call “evergetism”), and, more generally, in the traditionnal white world. This is more than ever true.



    1. pratice->practice

      Otherwise, this poster is a fine condensate, on a practical plane, of the core teachings of the New Testament, in all its trisomy.


      1. Much on that sign cannot be supported from the Bible the way the people who posted it mean it. I’d bet that church is leftist and teaches some form of social justice ‘gospel.’


    2. That “ISIS” video was filmed at the Al-Noree mosque in Mosul, Iraq. It was filmed in high definition video with multiple cameras and microphones. Its quality surpasses any video shot at that mosque because it is a professional video production produced by the Israeli Secret Intelligence Services (ISIS) with the intention to fabricate videographic evidence in order to distort public opinion and conceal their actions.


    1. Indeed and, as you know, what “Jesus” did (in the New Testament) is to be followed by the Christians, and so, constitutes, on a practical plane, the core teachings of the New Testament.


  3. See, the message wouldn’t actually be bad at all if it were applied equally to all groups. The real problem with people who parade around this sort of message is that they are most often genocidal (suicidal?) white guilt propagandists.


  4. That looks like a church around the corner from our old house at 4th & Mountain Avenue in Ontario, California. If it is, that was a whack – job of a cult in there. At least it was 14 years ago.


  5. I’m so glad that churches now promote protection of the environment. Why is this an ugly message? Only an ugly mind would say that.. You,polluter,who criticize their environmental actions, you are a criminal : you throw your car oil in the ground, frack and pollute and make others sick.. are you proud of that? moron. You’re not conservative.. of the environment,the future of our children.. you are part of the problem.


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