1. The guy holding the stick might also be thinking: ” I hope she shows that much enthusiasm when I ask her to use a strap on me while calling me Suzie the feminist male!!”


      1. Yeah, but, she’s a MILF. The MILF can’t help it. The MILF wants what the MILF wants. When you think of how many MIWNLFs are out there, that rarest of orchids — the MILF — must be served.


  1. Yep, just the other day while walking across the campus, I saw 67 girls being raped in the bushes by white, Christian men.

    I was going to help, but didn’t because, equality!


  2. I’ll bet she got it on with the guys on the college football team. Because alpha cock. Probably just the 2nd string linemen though, not the Chad Thundercock quarterback who is banging the 9s and 10s.


  3. Wow, if this isn’t a metaphor for the current state of things, I don’t know what is:

    An angry, butchy female attacks something of her own construction while an effete weak dude holds it up for her.


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