Manboobs Finally Get The Support They Need

Story. Strap-on not included.



  1. I hope everyone in his life all the way down to his neighbors print and paste this everywhere he goes, works, and lives for the rest of his life.

    This isn’t a passing stupidity of youth, a joke that can be razzed at someone in their older age in good natured humor. This douchebag is literally aiding in his own destruction and that of his children. Of course it won’t dawn on him.


    1. Diversity officer. How Orwellian, totalitarian. And parasitic.

      Has she had her comeuppance yet for this behavior? One way or another its coming. If she wins– she’ll lose but she doesnt know that yet.


      1. In a sane world, this ‘woman’ would have no economic market value. Yes, yes, once again, a fine example of Britain actually losing WWII.


    2. Now Europe knows how it feels when it invaded North America and displaced tribal groups there. Mother nature is a bitch.


      1. Oppressive slut shaming and misgendering of nature are the signs of a small dicked crybaby.
        Mother nature won’t be your slave no more cisshitler!


    1. Check that site, it’s straight out of 1999 – goofy animated .gifs, cheesy background, big prominent sitemeter, big stupid side menu, it has it all!


    1. Haha…never ceases to amaze me how many white women celebrate the fall of white supremacy. As if they never looked in a mirror or something.


      1. As you know, and as it was sensed by many differentiated white men, white women (and feminine white men) are from a mental and spiritual standpoint much closer to the colored people that they are to the white men. Nowadays, “emancipated” as they are, it is verifiable in all circumstances, permanently.
        As to the slut, fro ma mere physical standpoint, she cannot be considered as “white” and is probably jewish.


      2. It is sad to not know, in the dating market, whether your own kind wants or rejects you. It is scary to wonder, with so-called liberated women, how much strange, dark meat may have been inside of them before you. That is a real turn off, for sure.


  2. I notice that, even in this contrived, posed photo attempting to accept this disturbing venture, her body posture is not sexily or acceptingly turned towards him but, instead, unconsciously, turned away from him (with nearest leg a bit raised in defensive posture), and with a look on her face saying, “Yeah, creepy guy, wish my fingers were real pistols”.


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