1. How much you want to bet she flushed a niglet?
    ”But it could have grown up to be President!”
    Yes, it could have, and your point is?


  2. Notice that this is this kind of scum that will label you as a fascist racist psychopath when they disagree with you, when they are in fact the true psychopaths.


      1. Kill youself antisemite! You nazi triggered my trauma of reliving my ancestors forced labor of being a jewish clothier producing brown shirts.
        And i thought there would be no more antisemitism or anti-semitism in neoreaction. Just like we achieved with neocon servatives.


  3. If her friend’s name is Sharnice, Kasey probably dabbles in mudsharkery. No doubt it was a niglet that circled the toilet bowl.


    1. You have no idea. And, thanks hatenigger for soiling Mother’s Day with yet another one of your inane videos.


  4. Nice non-sequitur, too.
    Kasey: I fell off the back of my boyfriend’s Harley and had to get my leg amputated.
    Shanice: Did it hurt?
    Kasey: Nah, I lost like 40 lbs!


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