1. The only way they might be able to redeem their manhood is if they try convincing everyone that those are really Flat Dark Earth-colored tactical vests for doomsday prepping.

    The manboobs hold grenades while the kangaroo pouch is an armored ammo container that prevents the slow painful death of being shot in the gut or nads.

    With some photoshopping, the guy on the far right could most convincingly sell that excuse.

    In any case, they would be first ones slaughtered by Turisas.

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  2. If you follow the link and read the story, this is one of the first lines:

    If only a man could even begin to understand what it was like.

    And? What is the point? That if they did or could understand “what it was like” then they wouldn’t make women pregnant anymore altogether? Or what? I don’t get it.

    Fucking idiocy.

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    1. “If only a man could even begin to understand what it was like.”

      Oh, the irony. If only a woman could even begin to understand what it was like!

      And they are beginning to understand. For a man, life is fighting off the 50 other cavemen all chasing the same rat. Battling self-doubt and despair, petty humiliations by men further up the totem pole and by females picking and choosing, and on and on.

      Now, women get to step on the same treadmill and what happens? They take more vacations, more sick days, rotate in and out of the workplace, take more psychiatric meds, etc. Then they bitch and moan they aren’t paid as much? Suck it up, ladies.


    2. My thoughts exactly. What’s the endgame if not pure sadism by way of shits-‘n-giggles at the debasement of men — in this case the most pathetic and subservient of men? If being a beta means being down, you will surely be kicked when you are down.

      The corollary conclusion of this disgusting experiment is that women presumably want to externalize the downsides of pregnancy — and have men bear those externalities.

      But I don’t think that’s exactly what’s going on here. These men (if we can honestly refer to them as such) are actually employees of a company that wants publicity. A company whose core market is surely women of child-bearing age (they market special-occasion and remembrance attention whore shit) and as such, this is keyed exactly to that demographic. It’s a inverse-Heartistian-inspired market-data strategy, essentially. Let’s give these women some beta losers to kick around and profit!

      The ultimate irony of feminism is that men easily hijack it for purposes of clickbait and publicity.

      These guys have figured, somewhat rationally, that there’s a market out there for self-degradation of beta males, and that they are uniquely positioned to exploit the zeitgeist by way of self-degradation. If they had had enough money and/or charisma, they could’ve hired some stand-in nobodies to create the media facade, but because they’re betas (seriously, just look at them) they cultivated some fucked up DIY spirit and donned the pregnancy-empathy suites themselves.

      It’s revolting to any man with a quarter-testicle to his name, but for them, it’s exposure that can be purchased for the low low price of forever looking like a feminist-fellating lapdog.


  3. Anything for social status. Its the in thing.

    Even if it destroys social status. Today’s moralizers deprecate themselves first – to aggrandize their egos.


  4. OK, I’ll wear the contraption for nine months if women will slave away to their dying day supporting the spouse, the children and the State with no gratitude and no help received. Any takers?


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