1. That’s like the saddest fucking picture i have ever seen.

    How about for a title: See How the Unregulated Playground of Adolescence Favors the r-Selected Life History Strategy of the American Negro.

    And (conveniently), any concern about such a situation is the pathology of a pervert or a loser, so quit complaining; don’t notice and shut up.

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  2. I’ve seen this pic before and all I can say is damn. It’s clear now how emasculated white. Men are in America. . No wonder most shooters are white men. We get shit on in jobs due to affirmative action and the white women are whores to black thugs and liberal morons. We are the most taxed groups as white men and we get little back for. Our taxes paid Into the system. It will get worse. I have zero sympathy for white girls with mulatto thug Spawn. . I will never date or pay them one cent.


    1. The problem is more stark among teenagers such as these because white boys hit puberty later than black boys, so on average they will look less developed or masculine.


      1. White males also lag behind females at that point in development. Many white males don’t really start packing on the muscle mass and masculine wiring until their late teens, and often their 20’s. It’s an aspect of K-selection, and another phenomenon underscoring just how completely incompatible the two population groups are.


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