1. It’s women like her that make the Rorschachs of the world. Just think of it, an army of Rorschachs razing everything their whore mothers hold dear to the ground.


  2. How much you want to bet the ”child support” from ‘Juan’ (on the occasions he actually pays any) not only goes to boots and nails but to pay for that smartphone and it’s airtime plan. Not to mention her latest ride on the cock carousel.
    Who actually pays for the kid(s)? Duh, we do. EBT, WIC, ect.


  3. Damn. I’m so tired of these shanks. Get a job. I bust ass and have no kids and I’m supposed to slave away to pay for these subhuman pieces of trash. No wonder men are saying to hell with it. If I pay for her kids she owes me sex, and don’t worry. I’ll double bag it.


    1. Shit if my cock got hard for that I’d figure the damn thing was possessed and cut it off. Do you really want to go where Juan has gone before? Scary!

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