1. Leukemia.

    Friggin’ leukemia.

    It’s like watching leukemia slowly and painfully eat some friend or cherished family member alive.

    In this case, that dear friend is western civilization itself.


  2. “The Inevitable Logic Of The (so-called) “Emancipation” Of Women” would be a better suitable title given that, that the average “White nationalist” likes it or not, there are a few writers who noticed the fundamentally un-Aryan, if not anti-Aryan, nature of women, whatever her “race of the body”. From there, it is not really hard to understand why, when left to herself, she tends to go with the colored men, and particularly with the black ones. Of course, as some will tell me, the role of the Jews is not to be underrated when it comes to the promotion of interracial relantionships, especially when the woman is white and the man black.


    1. More White men race mix than White women. White women are more race biased when it comes to romantic and sexual partners than White men.

      But when White women do race mix, of course they will choose men who are strong and virile. And outside of White men, the next strongest and virile men tend to be Africans or Arabs.


  3. Nice. Wonder why men don’t man up. Why don’t the fellas work 60 hours a week to get a fat girl. . Maybe because cause they see the local thug doing the mudshark thing with the hot blond. . I feel sorry for this girls dad. What a pathetic excuse for a woman

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  4. It’s not enough to wake your self up, white man.

    you must wake up your children too:

    the future of your race depends on it…


    1. What the White man should ask himself is “Why are there so many White women who want to go with non-White men and why so few non-White women who want to go with White men?”
      This question has been partially answered below.


      1. Besides the effects of typical hivemind propaganda, I’ve got a theory about why it seems like there is a spike in mudsharkery rates in recent years:

        “Because Obama.”

        In the eyes of women everywhere, a black/white mulatto won the biggest popularity contest in the West TWICE and is supposedly the most powerful “alpha” male leader in the world. The media portrays him as cool and intelligent, unlike the previous honkey.

        These women have a herd mentality being swayed by the anti-white media. They regularly see white beta-tards in commercials and cool black alphas overcoming white antagonists on various movies/shows.

        Therefore, these coal-burning women want to make their own “alpha” offspring like an Obama or Dwayne Johnson clone.

        If not that, then maybe it is because of white womynz attraction to the stereotypical ebony’s “muh dik” attributes.


      2. No need to say that you do not answer the question which is about the disproportion between men and women.


  5. Just think, if we learn enough game, maybe we could temporarily snag one of those hypergamous coal-burning bitches. Oh, joy!

    Since these white women are turning into mudsharks, the only logical response for white beta incels is to either get “yellow fever” or emigrate with their wealth to somewhere in Eastern Europe and try to be like Roosh.

    Sure, white guys dating Asians might result in hideous mutt offspring and further white genocide, but that is far superior to being pure incel or dating the NASCAR-tatted landwhales. Fuck it all, time to go on MGTOW strike.

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      1. Im half-white half kiowa.

        My dad didn’t make out badly because my mother is kiowa. Yes I.q. Plays a role but he was exceptionally intelligent as was my mother.

        I guess what I’m says g is that I identify as pro western and pro rightist, and have typically ” white” traits.
        I think really the reason that asian white pairings suffrr from the fact that the white guy is a huge beta, whereas the white guys who marry indian women tend to be Midwestern/southern alphas, of working class stock rather than elite stock.

        Just my thoughts.


  6. Presuming that the kids in the photo are relevant to this delightful pastoral scene, what’s the take-away ‘moral of the story’ for this lanky, nerdy teen male (most likely her son from an early marriage/teenage pregnancy/etc)? Resistance is futile? Makes me want to weep.

    Blended Family 2.0 – At Least It’s Vibrant! (TM)

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  7. This is why I don’t date white women. They are cum dumpsters. I refuse to pay for or date a white slut who took black snake


      1. I admit not knowing the current stats about “jungle fever” coupling, so I hope your link is correct. Mandingo can’t always win…..


  8. We really need explicit White nations like Jews have their own explicit Jewish nation. Assimilation always leads to miscegenation. This soft-genocide waged by the establishment-elite needs to end.

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  9. I am not pro mudsharking, but it’s positively hilarious seeing the butthurt and the dozens of comments whenever a coalburning photo comes up.

    It made sense with the “My GF sucked 11 black dicks and I forgave her” one, because that was truly…Lovecraftian. But the rest is just hilarious.


  10. The jewish little brother with the picinnie hump on his back leads me to think that the girl is NOT White, but is a white-skin jewess. Those jewesses love to pretend to be White, and they love to denigrate true Whites while pulling their shtick.


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