1. Nah.For the fail. This type of chick will brag to most of her friends about this. We’ve gone into Twilight Zone realm in the last 10 years.No one under 35 or normal has a chance of understanding this new world.

      Now her next beta boyfriend? He’ll definitely be the-rapist.


  1. Dat manjaw, yo. Check out her perfectly chiseled chin… it’s the perfect resting place for deez nutz. Biting down on her bottom lip pre-fellatio only makes it jut out even more.

    Forget “the look”. The liberal application of colorful eye shadow screams that she’s cock-crazy tonight.

    Oh, and remember to check them earlobes for the ho hoops. Like they say, “The bigger the “O”, the bigger the ho!”

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  2. Hmmm. So get tattoos to get pussy for free or bust ass and make money and get fleeced in divorce to get laid. . Wonder why so many men are becoming assholes . I don’t get it.

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