1. the smug moron can’t even get her feminist lie right. she doesn’t even see the irony that she’s baking. instead of offering law tutoring, she baked. of course i wouldn’t want an idiot like her to tutor me in anything, except maybe baking


  2. This isn’t even original. College groups that saw injustice in affirmative action threw bake sales where people of different races were charged different prices. I bet this SWPL SJW chick found those sales RACISSS and OFFENSIVE.

    This doesn’t offend me. Just work the ho and then surreptitiously take the goodies under the five-finger discount. Then ask her how much for hair pie A-OHHH!


  3. Sweetheart, I think what you were going after is selling 3/4 of a cookie to a woman for the same price a man gets a whole cookie.



  4. Everyone knows the pay gap lie is about what people are supposedly paid on a gross basis. A portion of this mythical money goes directly to the government as all income would. Even if it weren’t a lie, the take home pay would only be about a 17% difference.

    I’m sure she doesn’t know this because the patriarchy has discouraged her and people like her from STEM fields.


  5. Easy, you go up to her and say “This makes sense. I mean, women only need about 3/4 the calories men do, so I assume these smaller ones are for the girls, right? That’s a great way to help the sisters out.”


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