1. The thing that rubs me raw most about this picture, is you can literally see her pussy tingling face when she is with the nigger, but obvious feigning affection with the white guy. And people wonder why I just want to see the world burn.


  2. So I take it the “transformation” refers to the fact that she “transformed” into a woman no self respecting white guy would ever date again?


  3. they start from this:

    and grow up to this:

    pay attention to the last pic. look at the white man at the very back, notice something? he doesn’t have a date. but the rest of those nogs do.

    wake up white man


  4. it also shows how much girls care about men, in other words: not at all. the new guy is being used to hurt the old guy. she doesn’t care about either. she uses the same pose with both. the new guy will be on the left on a tuesday a few months from now.


  5. What I find most repulsive about this picture is that on the left, you can tell she is feigning affection; whereas on the right, you can see her pussy tingling by the expression on her face and her leaning in.


  6. I’m not a libprog, but your reactions are embarrassing. thwack is right with his “we live rent free in your head” statement.

    No she isn’t tingling with arousal. You just imagined that. However, the favorites are disgusting.


  7. From her twitter: “I’m thankful for having 2 families bc I have so many great people in my life that I would have never met if my parents were still together”

    Mudsharking is perfectly correlated with dysfunctional homes where the father is absent either emotionally, physically, or both.

    Prove me wrong.


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