1. Anyone starting to get the feeling Demotards have over played their hand a bit with this diversity thing?? Especially the 365 Black image they have embraced?? Look at this rally. People all over the country are starting to get a vibe. The only people at that rally were Baltimore and DC Blacks and a smidgeon of retards that make up what’s left of white male Democrats. That guy was case in point almost deranged. Pretty soon the blacks will say sho fly! And then it will basically be the blacks and weirdos party.

    Now I understand Hispanics are voting heavily Demo. I get it and I don’t like any future prospects overall for normal America. However, Hispanics don’t really care for this crap. (I am one of them) and soon 75% of white will simply be in the “white party” GOP by default since the Dems don’t give them any choice.

    Who other than a black, a crazed true believer, or a gay tree hugger would be caught dead in that crowd??


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