The Symbolism Is Gratuitous

The reader explains,

From small-town Midwest.  Recently married lesbian couple pose with their blended-family children.  The poor suspended pre-teen boy is certain to exact his revenge on women as he matures.

The boy is either going to grow into the world’s whiniest male feminist or the world’s most ruthless cassanova.


  1. Myself, I always try to subjugate women in any way possible. I find it makes them sympathetic to the patriarchy.

    Really, though, it seems like male feminists have Stockholm Syndrome.


  2. “The boy is either going to grow into the world’s whiniest male feminist or the world’s most ruthless cassanova.”

    Or, he’s going to resent women to an extent that would rival George Sodini’s / Elliot Rodger’s. I do hope he’ll exact revenge on the filthy, perverted lesbians who pose as his ‘family’.


  3. “The boy is either going to grow into the world’s whiniest male feminist or the world’s most ruthless cassanova.”

    Or the new record holder for burying dead prostitutes way out in the woods.


  4. At least the son has that choice. The drama of his life will be seeing which path he takes. The daughters won’t be so lucky – statistically speaking, they are likely to become obese, alone and unhappy, or dead (literally and/or figuratively) before 35 after a life of abuse and promiscuity.


  5. It is insane to believe that a woman (or women) alone can successfully raise boys. This is a train-wreck in the making.


  6. What an absolute fucking disgrace. Particularly how “funny” they think this is. Can you imagine the outrage if the genders were reversed and two straight men were holding a preteen girl like that while mocking her???

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    1. This implies that CPS are a normal entity and not one that deserves to be lined up against a wall and shot. Not knowing the backround of these kids, one could just as easily assume that CPS took some of these kids from traditional “ergo abusive” homes and gave them to the sweet lezzy couple. It’s sick.


  7. Also that’s 3 more white girls and 1 more white boy that will not being having kids, voting liberal, hoping for white genocide, and maybe just maybe adopting an Ethiopian kid here. Best case.

    Worst case, the three girls have a bunch of mulattos, the boy lives with his partner, and the parents live of the state until they die of old age at 98.


  8. That boy is very likely to commit suicide after all the abuse they’ll heap on him. Maybe he’ll take some of them with him.


  9. I sincerely hope that this boy can somehow beat the overwhelming odds against him and not become a complete failure in life. I don’t get too hung up on the photo itself…who knows what the actual joke is. However, knowing who and what the adults in the picture are lets us know exactly what suite of mentalities and values he will be exposed to day in and day out throughout his most formative years.


  10. The famous Boycott American Women blog has returned! We’re accepting submissions so if you have any bad experiences with American women and want to share them, just go to the Submit Your Story tab on our site, tell us your story, and we’ll publish it, anonymously of course.


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