Crosshairs On America

The reader who submitted it explains,

THIS PHOTO is my contribution to the “Goodbye America” series. It’s different than the usual images of degeneracy. Instead, it is a tragic snapshot of what was good and noble.

Look at the photo. Haunting, isn’t it?

It’s a US Marshalls surveillance image of the Weaver ranch ahead of the Ruby Ridge massacre. The woman in the photo is Vicki Weaver, who would later that day be shot through the head by an Asian-American FBI sniper, while standing in a cabin door and holding her and Randy’s baby.

If I understand the timeline of events correctly, Vicki Weaver in this photo is mourning the death of her 14-year old son Sammy, killed by the feds earlier that day. If that’s the case, the photo is an American Pietà.


    1. Don’t fight the Feds and you’ll be dead. What was the difference between Ruby Ridge, Waco and the Bundy Ranch? I hope to die of old age but I have already considered and rejected the option of being cared for in a FEMA camp or handing over my property to thugs.


  1. Haunting indeed. Looks like a production still from an eerie move that takes place in the fall.

    Unclear why it was important to distinguish the FBI sniper as Asian-American.


    1. The absurd fascination of the left with “diversity” denies the existence of a larger identity and the left certainly works hard to bury white identity.

      If the left insists on the wonders of diversity, well, then let’s highlight it at every opportunity. Since Horiuchi is a shadowy figure about whom little is known then what is known should be recorded. Let’s begin to explore the issue of ethnic allegiance and animus.

      Whites are routinely assumed to be racists and oppressors. “Hispanics” are assumed to be loyal Americans but millions enthusiastically show their support for foreigners and argue that they have a God-given right to be fed and employed by Americans. Here.

      If the left and minorities want to go all ethnic all the time then by all means let’s get the raw data out on the table and stop pussyfooting around the lies.


    2. It isn’t unclear: you were feigning uncertainty to imply that “race doesn’t matter”.

      I wonder what the Vietnamese say about American soldiers who shot their women. Do you think it’s closer to “Race had nothing to with it!” or “Fucking farang bastards!”


    3. “Unclear why it was important to distinguish the FBI sniper as Asian-American.”

      You either do understand why and are feigning ignorance as some moralistic “I don’t see race” self-righteousness, or because you are nonwhite yourself, or you truly don’t understand the significance of it.

      Whatever the case, you reveal through your comment that your thoughts are of little value or importance and needn’t be shared with anyone here.


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