1. On a regular basis, one’s jaw drops when reading about the decline. With every jaw drop, one thinks that surely the jaw dropping must cease – how can this get any worse?

    And then it does. I guess the bottom would be when the bridge is on her knees before one of the uninvited guests and the groom is grabbing his ankles.


  2. Marriage pics in front of a place protected by razor wire: Good. How can it get any better, you ask? Let’s include the group most likely responsible for the inclusion OF that razor wire!


  3. The text message exchange is fake. The wedding party was taking photos near a rap video shoot and the groomsmen wandered over to it.

    Does it make any sense that invites to a formal wedding would be sent as a group text? This pic should come down because the backstory is what made it.

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  4. I disagree. Maybe the backstory should be corrected, but the image is no less indicative of the decline of society. Whether these are rappers that were invited, or random hoodlums that weren’t doesn’t change the fact that a white newlywed couple has a bunch of thugs posing in their wedding pictures.


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