1. And it’s definitely going to also wear a colostomy bag after letting all those adults pounds its butt by the time it reaches 16. If it happens to 16 year old Aussie girls, why not here?


  1. White women are treacherous, toxic, fucking retards. They are honestly too dangerous to be allowed around children after they reach the age of 5. And before that age, they should be monitored constantly.

    If Ellen or Oprah told them to sacrifice their child to molech, 60% of them would not only do it but post it on Instagram.

    Enough is enough.

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    1. No, white women do not even remotely fit your description. Besides, how in the world does the Alt Right expect to get foot soldiers for the impending civil war if women are not even allowed, in your foolish view, to be around kids after 5 years of age? Do you suggest a Spartan model?

      Seriously you are embarrassing yourself with your nonsense.


      1. How would you describe the woman in the pic?

        Bitch, please. Don’t you have done Ellen to catch up on?


    2. Yesssssssssssssssss, goy. Let the hate for your women flow through you. Yessssssss. Make sure she breeds with other than white men and is led by the MSM by stepping down from your role as leader of the family, because that all ssssssssucksssssssss.

      Now 1 in three white men can go back to voting for Hillary for president.


    1. Rampant homosexuality, pedophilia, and transvestite behavior are sure signs of the end any civilization. It is well documented in the downfall of great empires for the last 2,500 years.


  2. There is a chance the kid grows out of this once he is out of his parents grasp. None of this is voluntary on his part despite what the parents say. The key here is that he not raped during this period or he is a lost cause.


  3. I wonder if this child has been examined by a doctor (including a criminal psychologist), to see if he has been buggered and/or sodomized yet. Maybe his mom will pimp out his ass to the highest bidder in the (very) near future. Sadly, I bet that she would earn in the upper 6 figures based on his popularity among the faggot and pedophile (BIG overlap there) crowds.


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