1. Pedo-scarf guy is hoping the 2 women next to him are noticing how woke he is to the cause, and will let him be the meat in their manjaw sandwich.

    Pasty skinny-fat guy is hoping no one actually makes eye contact.

    Thumbs-in-pocket guy is realizing that Pedo-scarf and Skinny-fat lied to him and there are no hot women at the protest. He is now regretting the time he wasted being there, and is hoping to find better friends.


  2. A shame, they would be quite good looking. Alas, I am in favor of just prosecution of sexual abuse, with the generation of proof.


  3. Jesus, those forearms.

    No wonder their programming is tweaked by engineered allegations of “abuse”: these males were abused from the womb on. It’s carved in their flesh–the soft bodies, the sidelong glances seeking the next signal, the weak shoulders. The dyke to the left has a stronger looking fist.


  4. Your submission will not save you or anything you love, lead like a man or make way for those who will. Castrated Cunts


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