1. To play on a recent subject title, “Natural Reproduction Thwarting Method”. 100% organic, and nuttier than a granola bar.

    p.s. to this “person”: virtue signaling may not get you laid. But I’m sure you’re trying your hardest.


  2. In the absence of blobby androgyny and stupid t-shirt, 1) the crooked, mixed-case lettering on the sign done in hastily filled-in letters done with too-small marker and 2) choice of sign material (paper taped–again crookedly–to a flattened cardboard box) would indicate some form of mental imabalance/handicap/disorganization.


  3. Funny how the message or even the apperance of the person doesn’t really matter at all anymore. If you are holding a placard and posing for a picture, the odds of you being an insufferable asshole approach 100%.

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  4. apparently, “black lives” don’t matter enough to actually MAKE a sign.. look at that: it’s 4 sheets of “printer paper” taped to a flattened “Amazon (insert your own joke here) Prime” box! WITH MAGIC MARKER poorly-drawn lettering.


  5. The hair cut, $10, the razor to release the pain, $3, the sign free, the markers borrowed and her only shirt without cat hair…Priceless!


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