1. Uh…just so I know…do yall take your pants down to your ankles when you use the urinal? Cuz I do not and I do my fair share of urinal peeing on a daily basis and if I walked into the mens room and saw a dude like that I think I would turn around.

    Do you rinse it in the sink? Two shakes aint gonna be optimal once you put your envy back in that purse….or pocket….or wherever you are planning on putting that….

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  2. ”The American Cuckservative” in his own (italicized) words:
    ”[NFR: Racism is real. To my great shame, I have an ancestor who participated in a lynching back in the day. I know people in my parish who have burned crosses on their neighbors’ lawns, and who have had crosses burned on their lawns. Don’t presume to lecture me about racism. Racism exists. But not everything the Left claims is racism actually is. — RD]”


  3. It’s meant for camping when you’re back county and don’t want to risk snakes, ticks and etc. Not that urinal horse shit.


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