Putting The Camp In Summer Camp

Need help with your preteen son’s emerging sexual identity crisis? Dial 1-800-GAY-RECRUITS. Therapists are standing by.



      1. YES, This is why bullying was invented… People who let their kids go gay have serious problems


  1. Definitely Bisphenol A. Maybe birth control pills. Probably a bit of parental coercion, too.


    On the bright side, given the “walk a mile in her shoes” story, these lads all have a bright future in the U.S. Army.

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  2. Just when I thought I had seen it all…

    Her facebook and Instagram is filled with pictures of “subtle” cucking. The pathetic excuse for a husband takes it all in, gleefully.


  3. I have, for now, one daughter. But if and when I have a son I would much rather he play a cheerleader in some gooney school/camp play (which is probably what this picture is) than fall victim to the gender studies freaks.

    William Shakespeare’s school held plays like this.


  4. If a group of cows is called a “herd” and a group of birds is called a “flock” then certainly a group of fags is called a “parade”.

    Ex. “I was walking down the street and was passed by a parade of fags on their way to the nearby Bed, Bath and Butthext.”


  5. Note the lack of diversity – all little white boys. A Google search for “transgender children” shows that 98 to 99% of media articles about tranny children are white children….even though white children have been the minority in the USA for at least four years.

    I’m firmly of the opinion that the Jews are using a multi-faceted attack on white children, and it’s not only cultural attacks like this. I believe it’s also the diet (soy-based infant formula), USA vaccines (neurotoxins which Jews are aggressively fighting to make compulsory), and, of course, by the subversion of all forms of Christianity and the promotion of atheism.

    For parents, here’s one of many articles about how soy formulas suppress infant male testosterone (vital in the first months of life when the masculine brain template is crystallizing). Since only Weak Whytes are gullible enough to think that powdered soy is good for newborn babies, I think this explains a bit of the tranny white boy phenomenon: http://www.westonaprice.org/health-topics/the-tragedy-of-soy-infant-formula/

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      1. lol. nothing i love more than the seething rage of childless anti-christians.

        question: who gets more triggered by seeing a beautiful white family at a baptism: Jews or Weak Whyte atheists.

        go shove more bananas up your ass, tough guy

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      2. 1) As you know, christianity participated to the destruction of the white family because, in the original white family, the woman was totally subordinated to the man. In the traditionnal aryan roman family, the man was considered as the pater familias who held the patria potestas, giving him the power of life and death over his wife and children. Moreover, as you know, the female did not have the right to choose their spouse in the traditionnal white family. To all this, Christianity, this Jewish Negro Asian and matriarchal subversive sect, was opposed from the beginning.

        2) Who gets more triggered by seeing a beautiful traditionnal white family: Abrahamists or atheists?

        3) As a good christian, you use without any moderation the anathem “atheist”, what I am not. It was christians who were initially considered as atheists in every white societies, and in fact, the abrahamists are the true atheists.

        4) “Go shove more bananas up your ass, tough guy”? And you speak of “seething rage”?

        5) What can permit you to assert that I am a childless?

        6) It is always funny to see an individual belonging to a religion that glorifies weaks using this word as a slur.


      3. Zero interest in indulging these psychotic arguments by an Odinist who thinks he is going to convince white people to take up a religion that died out a millenium ago, which a tiny fraction of whites ever adhered to, anyway.

        How do I know you anti-Christians are childless and impotent, and that you’re childless? Simple: I researched it. Do a few Google searches on the TFR of atheists.

        But I don’t really care what pathetic anti-Christian beliefs you have: just keep your creepy hands away from my family. Do whatever you want with yourself.

        For any lurkers, here is Kevin MacDonald being fed up with the anti-Christian, childless trolls who have nothing better to do than harass everybody in the comment section of his site: http://www.theoccidentalobserver.net/2015/04/christianity-and-the-ethnic-suicide-of-the-west/

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      4. 1) You did not answer to the simple points I highlighted.

        2) Another lie from the judeo-christian, I am not an Odinist. What you call “Odinism” is a form of neo-paganism which was invented by the Church in order to replace the old traditional cults of the germanic peoples, it is an ersatz of judeo-christianity, a new-age folklore.
        As a good christian, you love to accuse people of what they are not, you demonize them, a good old semitic process. Moreover, like negroes, you love to talk about things about which you do not have a clue.

        3) I want to convince nobody, I just want to expose your lies. Proselytizing is a distinctive characteristics of the internationalist religions that christianity, islam and the like are.

        4) You did some google searches and deduced that anti-christians are childless and impotent? Are you so retarded?

        5) You can repeat as much as you want that I am an atheist, that does not change anything to the fact that, from a White standpoint, YOU are the atheist. In fact, judeo-christians label anyone with which they disagree as atheists, it is a strategic ruse.

        6) I have not any anti-christians beliefs, I have FACTS. I am not interested in your negro family.

        7) It is always funny to see a judeo-christian quoting an evolutionist (I specify that I am not, if not you are probably going to accuse me to be one), especially when the paper he quoted is as irrelevant as possible. It would take me one or two days to refute what is written in this paper, what would be of no interest since you have “zero interest in indulging these psychotic arguments”.


    1. And too, you will stop to complain about this intoxication of the white children because it is precisely YOUR Church that destroyed the traditional white european medicine by accusing the european midwives of being “witches” (who never existed elsewhere that in the deranged negroid imagination of some catholics) and then burning them in pyres in atrocious suffering. After having killed the demonized midwives, YOUR Church imported the arabic medicine in Europe as a replacement. Contrary to the traditional white europe medicine, the arabic one was a mere business based on artifices and unhealthy practices. It consisted also in a novelty for Europe, the Arab physicians, who, contrary to the midwives who were paid on kind, took fees and wanted to be paid with gold. In fact, the semitic “pharmaceuticals” were introduced in Europe during the crusades, these catastrophic events preached by YOUR popes and YOUR Church, where most of the best Nordic Europeans died. After the end of them, YOUR pope and YOUR Church preached an Old Testament jewish teaching that is followed flawlessly by the colored peoples and “whites” like you due to their low bestial instincts, those of the reign of quantity over quality: “Be fruitful and multiply”. After the best died in the middle-east during the crusades for the relics of a jew that never existed, the worst would finally have the opportunity to multiply at will.

      One of the stupid arguments of Kevin McDonald is that judeo-christianity would have been an ethnic bulkward against the semitic muslims during the islamic invasions of Spain and the reconquista. There is nothing more false for the simple reason that, during reconquista, a lot of semitic muslims converted to judeo-christianity and then mixed with the white christians. It is the same for the jews too, during the inquisition, a lot of them converted to christianity and got high places in the society, even marrying with white christian aristocrats/nobles. The spanish nobility/aristocracy died this way, by the mixing of the white blood with the arabic and jewish ones, by the fault of christianity.
      The rest is alike.


  6. I want to know who the fathers are of these kids. The fathers should be slapped. If I found out my son had to dress up like a girl at summer camp I’d get him out of there immediately.

    These poor kids should go to baseball or basketball camp so they can have normal childhoods. Stay the hell away from the gender benders.


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