Spot The Stockholm Syndrome Sufferer

This is a scene from the Ferguson chimpout peaceful protests. A fat, nerdy white man, or a middle-aged lesbian (same difference), has decided to join the festivities. No news yet whether this social justice warrior survived until the morning to gloat to other whites about his/her/its delicious moment of moral preening.



  1. Jean Raspail had a term for the likes of this androgynous goon when he wrote the Camp of the Saints:

    “Fellow traveller”


  2. To be fair, it might be that (s)he is a blogger or otherwise a journalist. I bet most of them are . . . uhm. . . what do they call that? Like Pat from SNL.

    Ahh! I know. Androgynous.


    1. Actually, I think that might be a she. Eyes down. Might be tits protruding. Short hair on “female” is very liberal while on a guy it is too establishment.


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