From commenter Roy,

Look at the White lady’s face and the people directly behind her. That’s Halloween in Louisiana – black kids not costumed invading White neighborhoods where the kids (young kids not teenagers) still wear costumes.

Goodbye Halloween.

Hollow-ween is Halloween hollowed out by Diversity™. Ain’t it grand?


  1. The solution to this might be for a house to deploy triggering defenses such as a hanged man decoration in a front yard tree. Whites won’t think anything of it, but it would conjure some feelings in the dark ones.

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      1. Having an M60 in your front yard would get you arrested. I hope you have a good (Jew) lawyer.
        Regardless, the photograph is NOT from Louisiana. It is a stock picture from a Fort Worth based company.


  2. I pulled that pic from a sports board full of cucks on a thread about how Halloween had been ruined in diverseamerica. By the diversamericans.

    It happened in Louisiana 20 years ago. It’s happening in other whitetopias now.

    Bus in the dindus to the ‘nice’ neighborhoods and ruin it for everyone. They aren’t American and they don’t give one single fuck about Heritage Americans or our traditions beyond what’s in it for them.

    In that way, the nogs are exactly like every other invading guest people.

    They want nothing from us except our material possessions. They aren’t smart enough to recognize our superiority and try to emulate us. They just take and destroy. They’re very good at it.

    We used to be good at protecting what is ours and dispatching them when they invaded.

    I believe we will eventually remember who we are and proceed as God intended.

    But for now the SOS* rules and dictates that we must bow down to these ‘people’ and pretend they are our equals. Under penalty of law and peer pressure.

    *- Sin-a-gog of Satan


      1. Shut up, you pacifist POS! You pervert and twist Christianity into weak, mealy-mouthed, effeminate, abhorrent nonsense.


      1. Hey Nick, you are the one perverting Christianity. Repent for your sins. And Alex, God’s neighborhood is everywhere.


  3. What rude comments toward these admirable yoofs taking the seasonal opportunity to receive sugar treats for their normal Night of the Living Dead cannibal zombie horde behavior.

    Skin = costume.


    1. Halloween belongs to us, the people, not exclusively whites. Are you upset that you got rocks in your candy bag like Charlie Brown?


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