1. notice how Caucasian the facial features are.

    the Nips have a fascination with gaijin. one might suggest a … Caucasian Fetish.

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      1. “It’s universally acknowledged (by straight men of all races) that the most beautiful women in the world are white.”

        In the rare cases where they are young and at a healthy weight.

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    1. Only takes a few trips to any Asian country to see that. In plastic surgery center of the world (Korea), eye widening and nose narrowing are majority of the procedures. Skin bleaching and western clothing trends are also big. Nonetheless they still eat dog so there’s that

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  2. Meh…

    We’re 1,000 years away from realistic sex with machines. Could it be “good enough” to impact the sexual market? Maybe but I doubt it. I’d rather put a bullet through my head than masturbate with a doll. I think most men have the similar degradation thresholds.

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    1. *shrugs*

      “realistic sex”, eh?

      but chicks have been using dildos since ancient Egypt … and now they’ve got vibrators.

      so, is what you’re saying is, lobst …er, chicks don’t have any standards?


      1. More like your standards are pretty low. Oh, and try to up your game on VD’s biog. Same bland commentary.


  3. None of this diabolical sorcery would be necessary if men and women would just straighten up and fly right. Do what the Lord made them to do and quit rebelling against His will by indulging in these idolatrous distractions. This will only further drive the lost souls of the post-modern, tech obsessed world into the deepest circles of Hell. These “dolls” are NOT a solution for our current predicament but just another man-made catalyst for the destruction of the family and the human person. Satan may win some battles here in this plane of existence by using devices like this “sex doll” to warp the minds of man by promoting the misuse of God’s gifts, but make no mistake, he will be hurled into the abyss for eternity and all of his followers with him–never to be seen or heard from again. That’s about the most sober appraisal of this godless mess I can muster today.

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    1. “If only…..” virtually zero western or self proclaimed Christian men are willing to do what is going to be necessary to return things to their natural order. Hint: at this point it’s going to take men being Moslem tier firm with these sluts, not simply “Straightening up and flying right”. As a bit of a reverend myself, I always wonder why people talk about Jesus’ returning and fixing all of this without considering how they are going to answer the question of “What did you do to stop it?” I mean think about it, imagine you have a job to do and it winds up so fucked up your boss has to come in, scrap the entire project and burn it down and you’re like, “Wow glad you finally showed up to help boss!”


      1. Jesus’ returning and fixing all of this

        A pastor at a church I liked broke down the Lord’s prayer and this is what stuck the most: the line about “one Earth as it is in Heaven”, meaning it’s our job as Christians to live like Christ thus bringing about Heaven on Earth, rather than waiting for the Lord’s return to make it happen.


      2. I appreciate the observation but nowhere did I intimate that we shouldn’t be doing something ourselves. That “straighten up and fly right” is my abridged way of saying “we have a lot of work to do”. You’re talking to someone who’s spent half of their life learning and talking about this stuff with almost anyone that comes into my social orbit. You say none of this will change if Christian men aren’t willing to do what is necessary…OK. Great. Which Christian men? Vatican II Catholics or traditionalist Catholics? Episcopalians or Presbyterians? Baptists or Evangelicals? There’s 25k different versions, none reflecting the original true faith that Pope Pius V worked hard to protect during the Protestant Reformation. There’s zero consensus.

        I live in Kentucky, the first state to go Red for Donald Trump. I can tell you from first hand experience that this notion that white people are going to sober up and fix this in the near future is laughable. At least with the current white adults living in America today, maybe Gen Z will pick up slack. Most are too brainwashed and prideful to admit the Sexual Revolution and social experiments of the past several decades have been a disaster. Most are their own worst enemy and yes, I believe this includes men and women. Whites are layered in tattoos. They’re doped up all day long. They use filthy language in public places around children, women and the elderly without a hint of shame. Their Sunday morning worship service is loading up on a case of Bud Light and cheap hot dogs at the local coliseum where they almost blow a fuse cheering for some double-digit IQ black men smashing into each other. We can point fingers at Jews, Muslims, ethnic minorities, devil worshiping politicians but at the end of the day, we took our eye off the ball and opened ourselves up to the danger as a people. That’s just the way it is.

        This is a mess of biblical proportions. It took us a few generations to get to this point and I reckon it will take about the same to get out of it. My point in the last post was to illustrate that disenfranchised men–the ones who were given Ritalin and planted in front of Nintendo and porn–aren’t going to find answers humping a doll. We all agree I think. I’m not saying we need to sit on our hands and wait until Jesus sounds the trumpet. The Lord returns when a nation accepts Him back into their daily lives. That means humbling ourselves. Turning our charity towards our families and communities. Acknowledging the sins we’ve all committed in getting us to this dire situation in the West and praying for the guidance to use our talents in a manner that is pleasing to Him and beneficial to our home. Home is ground zero for the dysfunction we have in the West. Fix that and work outward from there. Best regards.

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