1. “”The mother asked what the baby’s blood type was, and the pediatrician responded ‘A+.’ The father of the baby insisted that was impossible.”
    Dude. Look at it. It’s a Rhesus.

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  2. Clearly a story written by a woman. They have to throw in “don’t judge you don’t know what these people are thinking and not all women are lying whores!” combined with a story unrelated to paternity “that will make your blood boil” just to show how awful those horrible cheating men are.

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    1. That happened to Charlie Chaplin, in the early 1940s, in California. Some skank filed a paternity suit and he proved, IN COURT, that he wasn’t the father. The (((judge))) nailed his ass anyway.


  3. The 19th amendment was the second biggest mistake ever made in the United States of America, ranking above the 13th (establishment of the IRS-INcome tax-Federal (((reserve))).

    The worst was importing dindus and then failing to repatriate every single goddamn one of them in 1865. Fuck you in hell John W. Boothe. You killed our country when you killed the man leading the movement to return the obsolete farm equipment.

    How many Heritage Americans have died in the US since then, thanks to diversity? How many senseless killings and rapes by savages? How much money have we squandered trying to prove that the unevolved savages are human? What have we gained from this folly?

    They are a different species and should be sent back to their nature preserve and allowed to act on their animal (only) impulses as they are wont to do wherever in the world they alight.

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  4. It’s not even a real article. It’s just quotes straight from Reddit. The absolute state ””’journalism””’!


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