1. We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Teacher, leave them kids alone

    Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone
    All in all you’re just another brick in the wall

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  2. Is it just me or is it Massa Mombutu eyeing those young pretty white girls a bit too much? He already picking which ones will be his concubines.


  3. Our education system is a cesspool. If one day I have a kid and they call me in to talk about my kid refusing to do poz shit like this or talking back to the teacher I’m going to bat for them every time, especially in elementary school. Any moron can teach grade school and they deserve 0 authority and minimal respect.

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  4. A couple of years ago I read the novel “Robinson Crusoe” by Daniel Defoe. The novel is, as you all know, a fictitious account of the shipwreck of a sailor, but is based upon real life events that were contemporary to the author. Now, before Crusoe is shipwrecked another ship he is serving on is waylaid and he is taken to I think it was North Africa as a slave for a couple of years or so until he escapes. I researched this and learned that enslavement was a common hazard for European sailors at the time. Now my point is that the fact that, even in the distant past, English men occasionally suffered the humiliation and indignity of slavery was most disappointing to me. To think that at one time our people were sometimes taken as slaves. How humiliating! I would wish that this fact were not widely known and would certainly not want to make a song and dance about it. We English were never, or hardly ever, slaves!

    So I came to realise that the tale of the enslavement of a Race or of a nation is extremely humiliating for the people of that Race or nation, and out of consideration for their feelings should not be brought up in conversation. And then I realised the real reason why white “liberals” endlessly bring up the subject of black slavery. It is actually a passive aggressive way of hurting and humiliating black people by reminding them of their subjugation in the past by white people.

    I can’t really understand though, why the blacks go on and on about the enslavement of their ancestors. Why would you want the world to know that once upon a time your Race was defeated and powerless and subject to the control of another Race?

    How pathetic do you have to be? “Poor me! These nasty white men made my ancestors a slave.” I would reply, “Well, tribal competition is probably the central fact of history and its the fault of your ancestors for not putting up more of a fight.” Crusoe didn’t whine and complain about the North African who took him as a slave, he just tried to escape.

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  5. I never owned a slave. Neither did my parents or grandparents or great grandparents or great great grandparents who came to the US from Norway and Sweden.

    I do not feel even the slightest bit guilty about slavery — absolutely zero fucks to give — and if anyone put my child in chains, I’d smack the living shit out of them.

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  6. It is humiliating to have ancestors who were slaves. Out of consideration for their feelings I would never mention to a black that his or her ancestors were enslaved. The real motivation for white libtards to keep reminding blacks that they were slaves is their desire to constantly humiliate blacks.

    Similarly, it is extremely flattering for Red Indians for sports clubs to use Red Indian imagery and logos, and the reason why libtards campaign to stop it is to prevent Red Indians from having any ethnic pride. “Red Indian” conjures up brave warrior, resourceful squaw. “Native American” conjures up alcoholism, sloth, casinos. That’s why Libtards want us to stop using “Red Indian” and use “Native American” instead. Lest they start feeling any pride in their origins.


  7. If only this dindu mentioned that it was other blacks who went on raids to capture other blacks to sell them to Europeans in exchange for trinkets…nah, it’s not gonna happen. Screws up the narrative too much.

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  8. If only this dindu mentioned that it was other blacks who went on raids to capture other blacks to sell them to Europeans in exchange for trinkets…nah, it’s not gonna happen. Screws up the narrative too much.


  9. One positive- look at the deep anger on the face of the kid at the front. They’ve made a shitlord for life because of this. Experiences like this are what open peoples’ eyes…

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  10. I wonder if the morons who organized this “edumacation session” knew about the millions of white slaves captured by the Moslems.

    Oh, how Islamophobic of me to bring up a historical fact.


  11. We can reasonably assume that each one of these students has parents. Parents who align with this fashionable institutional flagellation.

    If my kids came home from a day where this was in the curriculum, there would be hell to pay in the principal’s office the next day and at the next PTA and school board meetings. There’d also be agenda items at each of those dealing with lawsuits for child abuse.

    Not just from me, either.

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  12. The future Tony Blairs and Hillary Clintons of the world play-acting at being slaves. They will never really suffer such humiliation, unlike the millions of their “lower class” co-ethnics whose countries have been sold out from under them by the very “leadership” class these children are destined to join.

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  13. This is why shitlibs are so against homeschooling. The white self-hatred complex is not inherent. It must be indoctrinated into the children, left to fester for as long as possible.


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