1. This dickhead is a few clowns short of a circus. Whatever happened to those old fashioned nut wards like you see in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest? Where every guy in the rec room is carrying on a conversation with themselves. That’s what I think of when I see these types at recreational outrage sessions.

    I can think of no better punishment for these male feminists than for them to have to live under lock and key with Nurse Ratched lording over them 24/7. See how much they stand for muh rights then.


  2. It’s hard to ridicule your opponents when they literally dress up as dicks.

    (Dicks being bad in their memetic cosmos, not in mine. In my cosmos I’d say he’s aiming way too high for his actual station in life.)

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  3. Liberals love to ruin sex for straight people. They are just upset that because the gays can’t enjoy sex anymore without those numbing awful rubber things, NOBODY should enjoy it. The big lie is that straight people need to worry about a blood borne disease (aids is not an STD) that you only get by letting a cock tear up your rectum until it is full of open cuts, then squirt aids ridden semen into that cut. And that only assumes the person doing that to you also has this done to their ass by many men who also have this done to their ass…See why High School Harry dipping it into Homecoming Queen Sally at Smallville Kansas High School is not at risk despite what the lying ninnies running the health classes and making the afternoon specials would have you believe.


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