1. “Gentlemen, if ever a generation will come after us which is so slack and soft-boned that it doesn’t understand our task, then indeed the whole of National Socialism has been in vain.”

    Well, Odilo, here’s several such generations, all slouching about together.


  2. I’d be willing to bet that not one of these creatures has had anything approximating actual normal human sex. Possibly ever. What’s sad is how big a deal they make out of their misfit status…encouraged, of course, by (((the media))), those purveyors of disgust-for-clicks.

    I’d like to start seeing some consideration of what is to be done for individuals such as these. Other than ridiculing and obliterating them.

    For instance, the urge to reproduce, thwarted, can drive people insane. What do we make of an economic system that subsidizes and encourages the reproduction of the least, worst, and stupidest…while telling the brighter segment of society that they must labor to pay for their lower-caste replacements and limit or erase their own biological reproduction?

    What about whites who don’t breed well in captivity (urban life in the city hive) but must live there owing to their ancestors’ choice or need to leave more open, physically challenging environments?

    What about the systematic, deliberate destruction of all institutions whereby intelligent, healthy white boys and girls could find each other as mating partners, supporting and even ensuring successful marriages and families?

    So yeah, I can pile on the disgust and ridicule with the above. But the engineer in me always wonders how they got that way. Some of them are no doubt genetic mutants. But others are also humans discarded by the hive in the pursuit of cheap labor and race war against whites. The magnification of their freakishness strikes me as equal parts tragic and disgusting.

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