1. There once was a girl named Mollie,
    Who hated White people a lottie,
    Then she met a brown dreamer,
    who beat, raped, & killed her.
    Now she’s buried in a field that was corny.

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    1. This.

      It creates approval through magnification of every bad reaction, thought, or habit a human can have.

      This girl paid the toll for hating herself and her own ancestors. But considering how her parents gave her a broken home, one can understand why she might hate her own skin. In families like that it’s not uncommon for the absent father as well as the present mother to convey to the children that their birth played some role in the marital/family breakup. This is never the children’s fault, but children will hear it as that even if the parents have the maturity not to cast it that way. (And divorced parents rarely have that maturity. If they did, they’d’ve figured out how to hold the marriage together.)

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