1. This is totally natural and happens all the time in other species. Some males fight and strut to impress the females and gather up a harem, while other males look, sound, and act like females so they can sneak into Chad’s harem and score some poon.

    Females complaining about it is a ploy for more of Chad’s attention, and a boast that their ravishing beauty drives otherwise chaste men to wanton acts of carnality.

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  2. I’m almost 50 (no SMV at all- but happily married 20 years) and I have never looked at trashy and out of shape as some of these women. And G-d knows I’d *never* act like that. Good thing I was able to stay home and raise my kids so I don’t have the embarrassment of dealing with this later.

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  3. Every one of these sad excuses for human beings had someone exploit and destroy their innocence.

    I am reminded of a certain passage in an ancient text involving that…and millstones.


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