1. I give a fuck because one more white man has to marry a Filipina or die alone. Darwin says we must protect white women and make white babies with them. Darwin does not say we must respect their opinions, allow them to vote, or let them run around unescorted.


      1. In my view voting should be confined to land owners over 115 IQ regardless of sex. My founding stock ancestors included militia women, farming women, merchant women, most of them with big families, a few not. Needless to say, every one of them was white. Any one of them would have slashed the throat of any degenerate who preyed on their daughters.

        Which is the missing piece at present. Too many parents train their daughters up like this, and too many men are too weak to demand a higher standard. I mean of themselves.

        There is no reason or excuse to marry outside your race. We live in an army-base area and everywhere we go we see countless older white men with shrivelled beaner, flip, and chingchong wives, the latter always ordering the former around.

        Mollie Tibbetts was the product of a broken home. You pontificate about “letting them run around unescorted,” but Mollie Tibbetts’s father valued tacos more than his daughter. He didn’t even hang around to guide her as she grew up. He didn’t pass the most basic Dad Test, which is staying married to mom.

        The beaner who raped and killed her was invited in by a white male farmer who valued profits more than a white community and its daughters.

        So don’t go laying this all on the women, or come up with some nonsensical rule that would debar the excellent women from holding civilization together.

        And don’t forget that some 35% of white men voting voted for Hillary Clinton in November, 2016. 53% of white women voted for Trump.

        My wife voted for Trump and redpilled at least half a dozen of our male friends in 2016 who were going to vote for Captain Doobie or Uncle Socialist.


      2. Well, no, “Darwin” says you should procreate with the most compatible females, with the highest quality genes. Skin color may or may not fulfill these requirements.


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