1. Once again, the obsession with pussy overlooks the bigger danger:

      The children are being raised to consider this situation normal and healthy.


  1. This could be a scene from an average commercial on the televitz. The wise negro schools the White cuck (on pick one; insurance, credit cards, cell phones, cars, apps, food, etc) while the White female swoons.

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  2. I would sooner be sleeping under a railway arch than be a burden and disruption to a young family like this. Conceivably if they were destitute and I was paying rent, but even then I think I would try to keep in my room.


    1. I ran this through Google Images.


      Best guess for this image: my wife and bull

      Top pick for image:

      Cuckold Films His Wife with Bull, Free Pоrn 96: xHamster


  3. This post gives me an itchy trigger finger. Bet that white guy (if he weren’t a cuck) wishes he had a “foh-nickel” handy! LOL


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