1. I’m sorry but I can’t help but feel something for that girl. I have a daughter near that age and it sickens me to think that she’s going to have a very difficult time growing up normal through no fault of her own. The parents can rot in their own stew but the little girl doesn’t deserve them.


    1. Just remember, while your sympathy is understandable in a truly logical sense, this kid will grow up hating all white people with a chip on her shoulder the size of Texas.

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  2. Went out to lunch with some colleagues and one met us from home with baby in tow. I did not realize she was a coalburner as she did not come across as such. I was shocked when I looked in the stroller. Later, I noticed at the luncheonette that most passerby’s did a double take, something I have not experienced with women toting around white babies. There is something shocking and viscerally appalling about it. The juxtaposition of a pretty blonde with an infant monstrosity is stark. I couldn’t help being much colder to this woman even as we left the restaurant and later at work and I can’t be the only one feeling this way. I do believe that in the Trump world, women will be less inclined to engage in miscegenation simply because many have expressed fear of the Country itself for voting Trump. Fear is a good deterrent for this kind of thing, at the end of the day women want to be accepted. The Left has lied to these women and that lie will be coming home to roost.

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    1. Sorry bro. The (((mainstream media))) and (((educational system))) coal-burning propaganda is so intense that even if she’s beaten on a daily basis, she is convinced she is coal-burning for the sake of the good of humanity. This is why we need to do away with liberal democracy and nationalize the mass media and academia. In order to prevent mass miscegenation, among other social ills. Just consider that there are millions of decent white guys, with normal jobs and normal minds, who can’t find a decent white wife and have to resort to traveling to Ukraine, Russia, the Philippines or China to find a half-decent woman. Because women back home like these are propagandized into mating with black thugs. That alone should foment a revolution in the U.S. But we take this insanity as reality. We can’t accept this as reality. We need to revolt against the entire (((miscegenating system))). We need to create subcultures. Churches. Secessionist groups are forming.

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    2. My sister had a friend from a private east coast college who married a “successful” type black affirmative action business man out of her anti white brainwashing. She had this forced smile on her face on all the family photos with the two mixed kids and hanging around the in-laws at the very black family reunion type gatherings. She finally left him and told my sister about how she “was NEVER happy” but couldn’t admit it. Now she is ruined, she has those kids in tow and no decent man would want her.

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  3. another poor child of color separated from her parent by the racist US judicial system.

    when will it end?


    abolish the Correctional System!


  4. That woman is hideous. Let’s be honest here what remotely alpha man would ever even dump a bang in that elephant woman? If that was your genes would you not choose the only alphaish man around? It’s not like any white beta would be allowed to have a higher status than this eggnog in diversitipia, or allowed to fight back. That’s racist.

    So what else can a fat (look at her arms) elephantiasis hideous freak woman like that do?

    At least she reproduced, even if her spawnling is even uglier than her.


  5. I honestly couldn’t sum up the outrageous downfall of America better in one photo.

    Boy is it going to suck if Civil War II takes place under a Democrat administration.

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