1. Reblogged this on Patriactionary and commented:
    Back in the day, we used to have some Aussie regulars who always boasted that their land was less proggified than the rest of the West.

    I warned them that they weren’t immune down under, that it was only a matter of time.

    This is just the latest example, of which there have been many in recent years.

    Hey, Aussie former commenters: You’re getting the suckage, the poz, just like the rest of the West. I was right, you were wrong. Sucks to be you just as much as it sucks to be us.

    Enjoy the Decline, Aussies. With some more chook on the Barbie and all that.


  2. You used to have to pay a quarter and walk into a tent to see a freak show. All you have to do today is walk around the general public. Lord forgive me but sometimes I think Trump should’ve just let that North Korean chuckle head go full Dr. Strangelove and get this thing over with. Take the horse behind the barn and pull the trigger.

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  3. Sadly it looks like only White women subject their kids to these things. Meanwhile on the colored side of town – ghetto rats are bein told they wuz kangs.


  4. Says the children are looking up at the freak in “sheer delight”.

    Either the author has never known the pure and joyful emotion that is delight or they’re blind. Those kids look confused.


  5. The same week that Lauren Southern — whatever you think of her — was told by Aussie police that she was forbidden from walking through a muzzie part of town because she would be responsible for a breach of peace. She would! Not the savages who would have tried to gang rape her or slit her throat.

    But don’t worry about the good Aussies, the ones who haven’t succumbed to Sharia-abetting leftism. They’ll be able to defend themselves and their families from the tyranny of the state or the Mohammedans (whichever comes first). What’s that? Oh, they allowed themselves to be disarmed a while back? *gulp*

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  6. Don’t understand what is going through the minds of those parents. I can’t see how subjecting children that age to this garbage could seem like a good idea on any level.

    Frankly, they’re unfit, and these libraries should be starved of tax money until they stop doing Frankfurt School ops and get back to checking out books and monitoring computer use.


  7. I’m assuming that “Lord Mayor” makes this somewhere in the UK??? I heard a rumor online fairly recently that they try to find schools (or towns) in the UK that have mostly white populations for these drag queen reading events. Very telling, if true.


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