1. They’re trying so so hard, aren’t they?
    This media promotion of mudsharks reminds me of lesbians. You have porn lesbians who look hotter than most straight women then you have IRL lesbians who….well look less sexy than a male construction worker. Same with mudsharks: media mudsharks = thin and at least relatively attractive while IRL sharks are like 400 bound shit whales with an ass in the front that matches her ass in the back.

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    1. All this bullshit relies on the same stunted, idiotic vocabulary: nobody wears anything, they “rock” it. They don’t achieve something, they “crush” it. This ties right in with the try-hard, hoping to sell us “I’M REALLY REALLY HAPPY!” through gritted teeth.

      PS Those are some simian-looking sprogs, ain’t they?

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      1. I hate that new American vernacular too. To me, it seems like they’re trying to get women to talk like men…or maybe they’re just trying to get everyone to talk like a frat boy.

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      2. It’s further evidence of the barbarization of society. Yesterday I was at a swim club I’m a member of and I bet 25% of the people had more than one tattoo. This is an all white family club in a middle-class neighborhood, mind you. A bunch of alcoholic, divorced Gen-Xers, their stupid back/thigh tattoos and their motley litter of children they drop off on their pill-addled Boomer parents to raise in their retirement years. White Americans have totally lowered themselves into a state of absolute degeneracy in the past 50 years and judging by the vacant, dumb looks on all their faces as they sip on the wet end of a Corona bottle talking about sports ball, they haven’t a clue of just how fragile their little world is.

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    2. Those aren’t real lesbians in porn. Just ho actresses getting paid to do a script. I never enjoyed those scenes when I occasionally used to rent dirty movie VHS back in the early 90s. I knew what real lesbians were like, disgusting creatures, and this fraud just really turned me off. Especially when other college dudes without any real understanding of real gays and lesbians thought lesbians were “cool” and wanting to have some for a threesome.


  2. I have a mudshark in my family who tells tales of how poorly she is treated out and about. Sly glances and remarks are common for her. I told her recently when she tried to get sympathy from me, that you have to take the world as it is not as you want it to be. She should have thought about the burden before she popped out the nogs. You can’t expect society to change its views just because you decided to sacrifice yourself at the alter of Liberal virtuousness. I think some of these women are being lied to about how the world looks at race mixing, they are in a bubble and think everyone will fawn over their mutants, when in reality most people white and black abhor it. As Ali said “the blue birds fly with the blue birds and the red birds fly with the red birds”.

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  3. You know, if daddy was around she wouldn’t need to rely on a fucking bag of popcorn to keep it together. Gosh, I wonder where he was??


  4. I like at the bottom how it says “Comments are disabled for this video.” But why? Afraid of the truth train barreling through your feminist run BS company? Typical leftists. When they have power, they squash all discussion.

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    1. Whether comments are allowed or not is maybe the best single indicator of a website/company’s health. For example, ultra-converged ESPN.com has now eliminated commenting, except for limited and temporary commenting on live events (probably soon to banjaxed too).

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      1. ” Whether comments are allowed or not is maybe the best single indicator of a website/company’s health. ”

        Bingo. I’ve noticed that as well, first with the youth site Mic. People in comments were very politely tearing their articles apart with facts and figures. They just wiped them all out one day.


  5. Fair skinned blond.

    But of course it is. Could it be any other way?

    The disabled comments are a positive sign. Jeezus, even boomers have to be bored by the Sam schtick by now.

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    1. Fake blonde. Very important to point that out when you see them, regardless of whether they are degenerates or not. Although IMO “white” women who change their hair color at all are all degenerate.

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