1. It’s all fun and games until you run across these two in Wal-Mart, with their trashy clothes, vulgar language, and wild children running all over the place causing confusion and mayhem. And all because their “fuck you, I do what I want!” ethos backfires on them the moment they realize they are unable to instill discipline other than having to resort to extreme physical punishment.

    How much you wanna bet the good folks at Google don’t have to deal with this when they shop at Whole Foods? Or maybe they do, but they’re scared of doing something and facing a backlash like the good ole folks at Starbucks. No wonder they love food delivery apps like Blue Apron and Home Chef.


  2. The whole damn country now resembles the Star Wars (1977) bar scene. Filled to the brim strange & ugly mofos. Someday a real rain will come.

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  3. Seeing all of this degeneracy paraded about during fag pride month while at the same time the D-Day anniversary coming to pass is all somehow poetic. If those poor guys would have only known………..

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  4. They’re saying this, but that’s because they don’t deal with dykes with kids on a daily basis at Wal-Mart like we do. Or maybe they do, which is why liberals will either at Whole Foods or subscribe to food delivery apps like Blue Apron and Home Chef.


  5. “If those poor guys would have only known………..”

    Yes. If they had only known….

    Murdoch Murdoch The greatest Generation (Title, in case it gets axed again)


  6. Selma and Coocheese were indicted for forty thousand counts of child molestation, child endangerment, and trafficking minors for sex. People say they were shocked that perverted freaks like this could possibly be engaged in immoral or illegal behaviors due to the brainwashing by media and government schools.

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    1. Typical word distortions: that family isn’t “interracial”, they’re a pair of virtue craving libiots who’ve contaminated their home with the genetic debris that even some infested urban pustules didn’t want.


    2. First thing first, I don’t know who’s got the bigger thousand cock stare, the wife or her husband. Then there’s something that’s been pointed out before here on this forum. Again, the parents are holding the black adoptees, while their white natural children are shunted aside, presumably for the photo op. And isn’t it amazing that children are allowed to attempt to change stuff, even though at that age they haven’t figured out how to tie their shoelaces properly? Plus, if they really cared about “unity”, they would stop referring to their family as “interracial”.


      1. How about how the nog is holding his white “brother” at the start of the video? It’s quite disturbing.


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