#ThisIsFamily, the tech monopoly insisted



  1. They’re saying this, but that’s because they don’t deal with dykes with kids on a daily basis at Wal-Mart like we do. Or maybe they do, which is why liberals will either at Whole Foods or subscribe to food delivery apps like Blue Apron and Home Chef.


  2. “If those poor guys would have only known………..”

    Yes. If they had only known….

    Murdoch Murdoch The greatest Generation (Title, in case it gets axed again)


  3. Selma and Coocheese were indicted for forty thousand counts of child molestation, child endangerment, and trafficking minors for sex. People say they were shocked that perverted freaks like this could possibly be engaged in immoral or illegal behaviors due to the brainwashing by media and government schools.


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