1. that photo shows how much discrimination there is against not women, not colored people, not colored women but WHITE MEN

    who in that group will ever fight for the rights of white men ???

    that photo SCREAMS discrimination.

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  2. “who in that group will ever fight for the rights of white men ???”

    Which White Man would ever fight to defend this. There, fixed.


  3. The future Carlos Slim Blog will be bankrupted by the insurance premiums alone, what with all the obvious diabetes sufferers in that pic.

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  4. The only decent looking ones here are girl with blue dress, the girl on her left in the black pants, and the kinda chubby one on the right in the black dress.

    My best bet, these three are going to be the editor in chief’s assistants, or asses if you will. Hope he has good lawyers in case of a #metoo bamhammer.


  5. Here at the New York Times we value the contributions of women and minorities and what they care about. We are dropping the crosswords and in-depth reporting and expanding sports, politics and things that matter to our reporters. Hair and shoes.


  6. The group represents scholarship winners for the NYT program for non-white journalists. It’s really no big deal.

    {ed: “scholarships…for non-white journalists”. the fact that you think this is “no big deal” shows just how far down the anti-white rabbit hole we’ve gone.}


  7. I’m all for education, as I’m in school myself, but the most confused people on earth seem to be the ones that SERIOUSLY go to 4 years of university (digging themselves into debt) just to get a journalism degree. Who fucking wants to waste four years on getting a piece of paper that certifies your ability to write news reports?


  8. It looks like the class of 2018 will be struck by type two diabetes and heart disease disproportionately higher than the average populace.


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