1. If Huey Lewis had been British and written Heart of Rock N Roll over there, Birmingham would have to be mentioned almost through the entire lyrics. That city produced great bands regardless of which genre you preferred. Black Sabbath, Duran Duran, The Moody Blues, ELO, etc. What a shame, no wonder modern music sucks, we ain’t going to get anything out of these ‘chaps’ now.

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  2. 1. Send the white men off to die fighting the one man who has figured your game out and is trying to stop you as well as warn the rest of the world.
    2. Replace those white men with brown third worlders and low IQ blacks.
    3. Hand rubbing intensifies.

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  3. A century of genocide to replace the competitor/host population’s smartest/best fraction with the parasite’s.

    It’s not a special relationship. It’s forced marriage to a genetic subgroup equal parts BPD and psychotic/sociopathic. With a dollop of schizo on the top.

    Cities produce/select for/reward with survival disgusting subpopulations. You Know Who are the prime examples of unchecked domestication of humans.

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  4. Inexplicably “Anti-Semitism” levels in the New Vibrant Londonistan are rising not falling. Police are arresting White Britons for joining neo-nazi groups like book clubs, parties and knitting circles. Clearly more Holocaust Movies and more education about evolving past this is called for. We must not give in to hate.

    The Last Message from The Synagogue of Londonistan


  5. You could swap the one on the left for one of a Nuremberg Nazi rally. The one on the right would stay the same.


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