Our Lilliputian Overlords

Mark Zuckerboost, ladies and gentlemen.

Alabaster Clay writes,

Zuckerberg on a booster seat bcz he is apparently unaware how the tangible, non-digital safe space world judge others. Days later, all evidence of his booster seat will be mysteriously erased from internet memory.

I did an image search and there were vanishingly few results of Cuckersperg on his toddler chair. The technogarchs certainly do look out for each other. Hmm.


  1. I dislike him and everything he stands for just as much as the next guy, but I read somewhere that he used the booster to counter the purposefully low chair. If you look at the chair legs from pictures taken at different angles you can see that the short legs are used to make the seated uncomfortable and much lower than those questioning them.


  2. He’s a metaphor for the Stasi agent hiding in your attic, listening to your conversations, tapping your phone calls, reading your mail, and peeping through a hole in the ceiling (see “The Lives of Others”).

    Fuck Facebook.

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  3. When there’s no discernible product offered by a service, you are the product and Millennials, being the bastard children of brand marketing that they are, are OK with this fact. Facebook is a CIA creation that plays on the narcissism and curiosity of the peasant class, who in turn do the hard work for their corporate overseers by profiling and deluding themselves over the reasons they’re hopelessly addicted to it: “I can keep in touch with family far away”,”I need it for work”, “It promotes my business”, etc.

    To be without a FB profile one makes you a sort of modern day leper, incapable of “socializing” with the rest of the hoi polloi, as if they knew how to communicate without coming across as a cyborg like Zuck does in this hearing. The posted photo is so cartoonish, it could’ve been lifted from a Mel Brooks movie. We’ve crossed the threshold into unreality where down is up and up is down. I frequently wonder if Rod Serling won’t come walking out of my peripheral vision and begin setting up the plot line of today’s newest absurdity. There’s plenty of real material to work with.


    1. I have a facebook account.. I mark everything as “fake news.” I,only click on the most bizarre ads (the rest I make as “offensive”), and I google search shit like “submarine condoms” and “goose helmets” just to throw off the algorithms that are chasing me…


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