1. maybe if they can reprogram the brains of women to make them like ugly retarded babies, that will make them also more likely to like ugly low IQ brown babies and the race replacement will be even easier to do


  2. I think at this point in American society, an individual with Down Syndrome, if he makes it past 21 years, has a better sense of reality than a 50-year-old political pundit or “journalist”.


  3. According to the x-rays I am not completely heartless, so I can feel for the parents of this child who will never have a day that doesn’t have them worrying about who will take care of him should something happen to them.

    However, expecting anything better than this type of crap from a large company these days is an exercise in futility.


  4. This reminds me of the numerous stories you hear about high schools electing the class downies as homecoming king and queen. They’re like mascots – pets. I can’t imagine the parents feeling any amount of pride…

    I’d resent the school for it. My child won because they’re born with an extra chromosome? You know that burger king is their future forever, right? How fucking pretentious.

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  5. it is encouraging pathological altruism.

    and pathological altruism which is already too strong in women is in good part why we are inviting savage barbarians in our nations, and those svagae barbarians destroy centuries of civilization

    humans are relatively malleable , manipulable, and these days the people behind the curtain are working extra hard to make pathological altrusism ten times more pathological than it is now.


  6. Anything that brings value to babies period in the public eye is helpful. Especially given how, in the decaying West, babies are shown as disposable if they don’t fit into your life at this time.

    Granted I also think using babies like this to virtue signal or get attention is disgusting.

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  7. Down syndrome people are sterile – as are virtually all people with congenital defects.

    The lifetime greeter at my local supermarket is a sweetheart of a man with Down syndrome. He’s shown up to work and greeted everybody since I was a little boy. I’d take him over some cranky faggot living in his parent’s basement who refuses to work.

    If a white mother loves the product of her body, I applaud her. What do you want, a psycho Jew doctor scraping it out of her womb “for the greater good”?

    BTW: Do you know who the REAL problem babies are? Not Downies….but the generation of IVF/ICSI babies. 100% of long-term studies shows they’re weak, effeminate, and sterile. Yet AmRen, Counter-Currents, Radix, and every other “eugenic” pro-white site instruct white women to “freeze their eggs” so when they’re 50 they can pay to have a multi-birth litter of weaklings. But hey, at least they don’t have Down syndrome!

    If you’re a white man worried about the health of the next generation, stop telling white women to kill their retarded babies and instead, like, fuck white women and make healthy babies. (And don’t vaccinate.)

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    1. I don’t recall anything on Radix journal promoting careerist shrikes to delay motherhood and freeze their eggs.

      Can you provide a link?


  8. This has to be the most retarded business decision in the history of business. If they put that kid’s picture on the jars, nobody is going to buy that shit.

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  9. I don’t think anyone is saying to pretend otherwise that a normal healthy baby is preferable to one with chromosomal abnormalities. Having said that, every child is a blessing and deserves to have its potential realized, whatever that may be.


  10. Retarded guy in my old neighborhood passed away last year at 45 yrs old. Was the neighborhood gossip. Stood outside his mom’s house and would tell you everything he knew & heard about everyone else in the subdivision. It was awesome. Worked a dishwashing job for 25 years, saw him at bus stop every morning around 5:30 AM. Played on a softball team and mowed lawns too.

    Never able to live on his own, and would panic over simple things like his dog’s leash breaking once in front of my house while he was walking him. But this retarded guy was more productive and gave more positive things to society than all of these fuckin hood rats & welfare queens, nasty immigrants, etc.

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  11. At least it’s not a Downs girl modeling in some bikini. And yes, according to her mom, her daughter was supposed to look “sexy”. Yup, in the #metoo era where you can’t talk to normal women without risking a sexual harassment accusation, they will let a mentally challenged girl model in underwear so men can look at her. Jesus….



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