1. That is going to be one VERY temporary future (on the order of milliseconds) should SJWs actually bring about an Islamic state here, which will happen as soon as Christianity gasps it last breath. And Christianity is already in a Cheyne-Stokes pattern.

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      1. By that measure, Lucifer also played an important role. The Eleven all went into hiding and deep depression after Jewdass got their Boss crucified. If our Black Pill Meter reads “8” when G.E. tweets about saving DACA and gassing Assad, theirs was at 666 Million
        Not trivial: Today’s Church more likely has an upside-down 11:1 Judas:Luke ratio.


  2. Hate to break it to you, but that’s now, not the future.

    In the coming utopia, that tranny will be a poc, white people wont exist, and peace and joy and love will reign throughout the universe.

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  3. Leftist stupidity not realizing how much the Muzzloid trash they support joining us hate then, not realuzibg they would be the first to go in a caliphate, is what is so cery gallibg about this.

    Aside from the humiliation and dread of having to look at actual Sand Ni ggers comfortably infested in the nations our ancestors built and fought for.


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