The emailer who sent this pic writes,

TLDR: Apple “specialists” pic: soyboy and manjawcunt

I bought a new iphone and got a free session with an Apple “specialist” to give me tips and tricks. This was the pic on their site. Swear to God, this is how they want me to picture their employees.

It’s beyond parody.

Corporate libs are so insulated in their sexual polarity-inverting bubbles that they have lost any concept of how normal men and women look.


  1. The guy in the photo is very typical of guys I see in the “hipster” areas of Portland. I believe his look is described as the “hipster” look. Aside from the tattoos on her arms, the lady looks normal (and fairly attractive).

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      1. I was gonna say. If not for the tattoos, she wouldn’t be bad. Not fat, long, pretty-nice hair, and I don’t really see a problem with the jawline. I’m an outlier here, so I dunno maybe manjawdar comes with fully red-pilling/alt-righting. Still seems like you guys just throw “man jaw” at any woman you dislike who isn’t obviously fat and has normal hair. She’s definitely far into the top half as far as American chicks go, anyway.

        On the other hand, the guy is a disgrace of course and has motiviated me to go lift right now.

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  2. Soyboy looks like he next door neighbor. His wife put up the No Hate sign in their front yard a year and a half ago. He’s not crazy about it but lacks the T to remove it. Sad


  3. I guess the beard on that fag is supposed to make us think he is masculine. I bet this guy likes moisturize while his girlfriend gets plowed by some black buck.

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  4. New from Apple: iVictim. Pacifism is totally different from cowardice. The difference is just hard to see.

    Johnny Appleseed was killed by badgers. Honey badgers probably.

    Everybody have fun Tonight. Everybody Samsung Tonight. Johnny Appleseed is not Korean.


    1. >>>Ever seen a good mother with a half sleeve?

      The dancers at the nudie bar aren’t good mothers? At least they’re working instead of on welfare. I know, they’ve overcome a very low bar.


  5. I bet she’s a lesbian. Wanna see more? Just go to an Apple Store. I swear it’s a requirement to be a freak. The soy boy that waited on me had buttons in his earlobes.

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