1. WTF happened to bullying in schools? We had 1 kid in the 80’s at my school who started dressing up weird (not even close to this asshole), and he was rightfully ridiculed and made fun of. We even egged the fucker once when he was walking down the street. That fat fuck in this post is just begging to made an example out of.

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    1. Since then, movie and television have increasingly told degenerates like this that they’re actually the cool kids. In Animal House the Deltas were outsiders but were also mostly alpha-quality males. When you got to Revenge of the Nerds the Lambdas were definitely oddities, but they employed alpha style tactics to win the day. And from there the slope just kept getting slipperier until you get dreck like The Big Bang Theory where being neurotic and simpering is a badge of honor. Kids today are told to act like the clown pictured above because that’s what the cool kids do.

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      1. you are right it is everywhere…just an example off the top of my head; in the animated movie ” robots” the cool ones are the defective ones that behave weirdly.


      2. Big Bang theory is bad, but there’s no doubt ne plus ultra of “the lowly freaks are really the awesomest!” was that greasy loose stool known as Glee.

        At least nerds were capable of doing special and important things. Drama club gits are just a worthless blight upon the landscape.

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      3. I agree…and also in the ”Big Bang Theory”, the losers, the nerds at least know that they are somewhat defective, they admit they are from time to time ( instead of celebrating it ) and they wish they were more normal , more manly, they even wish they were tall and strong…

        …well maybe not the tall skinny one, the one that is the weirdest and a case of “asperger” ( can t remember his name ) but even the other nerds also think he is too weird…

        …all of them hate that they are too scared to get into a fist fight etc etc…they often admit they can not do things normal men can do….

        and all of those nerds-losers are into hot women…they don’t settle for fat ugly women…the astronaut’s wife is a big boob cute blonde, the other blonde girl accross the hall is a sexy blonde…the colored guy ( paki or Hindu ?) even makes fun of his culture….that tv show is not so bad…


  2. TLM – Not sure bullying sets might is right standards, just not being a weak attention whore isnt the answer to being different or a fringe person. and the answer to bullying is not being less manly.

    as for being and looking different, thats fine, but its when those actions are to purposefully shift responsibilities on others and blame others is when your cuck enthusiasm should be ashamed.

    as far as how this is evolving i think it began with the aristocracy, high priests, and phaorohism, and feudal overlords created a enslaved mentallity with religion, fashion, entertainment, etc like plato says. its always allowed by elites. its never a grass roots project.

    what happened in america seems anthropolgy which was scientifically racially aware and biologically driven in early 19th, even late 18th was swapped for a relativistic and liberally driven useless social milleu.

    additionally as a metaphor, think of education as this.

    you have a way to categorically have all english words written and sentenced in every way possible to write them in all contexts somehow in front of you or before you in a class. this would be the ultimate shock treatment, because then all knowledge and ideologies could have a fair fight and you could see which one is truly robust and profound and which is a shell game.


  3. Wacky hat, check
    Large comedy lips, check
    Overdone eye makeup/facial hair, check
    Bulbous nose, check
    Engaging in social carnival for attention, check

    Literally a clown


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