1. Compare the exhilaration of the black girl and the nonplussed Asian girl with the dead eyes, forced smile, and telling body language of the white girl.

    {ed: also look where the black dude has his hand. playing a little grabass!}


  2. Dr, Moreau High School. The only magnet school for people willing to allow their kids to breed mutants.
    Fully discredited and funded by Humanitarian Terrorist Organizations.

    Our Head Start Program has created enough social problems to ensure the apocalypse.


  3. We can never have enough interracial. Witness the 24×7 onslaught on the TV. I am surprised its not 3 black guys with 3 white girls. Thats usually how TV does it. Brought to you by the people you are not allowed to criticize or mention.


  4. We regret to inform you that David Rothkopf has been eaten by the culturally enriched but agriculturally challenged global era he wanted. They were turning his life around a fire and the future he longed for ate him. We celebrate the caloric intake David provided to this important moment in American Cuisine. He has now joined the ethnic food he craved so much.


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