1. about 80 % race mixed couples which is like 20 times higher than the rate in real life ( are there even 4 % of white female who are with a black male ?)…then a fat ugly lesbian couple, then a gay couple with kids, then Trump with Hillary…WHAT ???…

    Google is evil… they put Trump there for their own sadistic pleasure.

    .by the way have you heard google just changed their motto from ” do no evil” to ” do the right thing” ?…I guess with all the evil google is doing they felt uncomfortable…or maybe calling evil ” doing the right thing” helps them sleep at night..

    .Mao and Stalin are looking at google and facebook ( from their tomb ) and they are jealous of the power google and facebook have to manipulate the weak minds of the populace.

    google is PURE evil.

    I hope Damore wins his law suit against evil google


  2. (((Advertising industry))) JYC. Ripping off their clients like usurer rats to make their PC diversichitty world.


  3. Just tested this and the above photo is completely accurate. Then I changed it to “black couple,” and I know you won’t believe this but the photos don’t contain any white people.

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      1. No only a surprised face, but also likely the face of someone who doesn’t know how computer search algorithms work.


  4. The fatal conceit — decision makers ar Google think that everyone is less intelligent than they are but Lincoln was right, you can’t fool all of the people all of the time. It’s already coming back to bite them with YouTube.

    Don’t use deep state, globohomo products.

    P.S. The pic of the giant-headed black couple wth the white baby (lower right) looks like a pre-cannibalism shot.

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  5. First time on this blog. Every bit of this blog highlights jew-spew/lies/treachery/deceit/deception/degeneracy.


  6. Here at Goolag, we cater to blacks and minorities. Costing Billions to keep running our customers have a net worth of $5 American and use it all for drugs and other things. Based on ads we have a war chest that can last virtually 15 minutes.
    Goolag: Yeah we’re Evil, but Mathematically challenged and run by morons who are too stupid to actually see this is doomed.

    Dot com bubbles. Pop goes the weasel investors.


    1. Seems like white supremacists fail miserably at computer science. Especially the part about search algorithms on big data sets.


    2. Remember: the most lucrative drugs come from Big Pharma.

      Forget the diamond mines. There’s gold in them thar dolts.


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