Razing Arizona

An entire family of four has come out as transgender in Queen Creek, Arizona; Trans man Daniel Harrott (Back, maroon shirt), 41, is seen here with fiancee and trans woman, Shirley Austin (L), 62, trans son, Mason (R), age 11, and trans daughter, Joshua (Center, white shirt with stripes), age 13

Story. Upside: there’s very good chance this is the end of their mutant genetic line.


  1. This is doing my head in. From the state of those in the photo, and the accompanying caption, I can’t make heads or tails of which ones were born with wedding tackle and which weren’t. When is God going to smite this land? It’s the merciful thing to do at this point.

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    1. When he’s finished playing with math so advanced we can’t even grasp the symbols it’d take to express it in 12 dimensions.

      Bigger question is: when are white men and women going to wake up from this mind control, grow a pair, and start calling these freaks out as freaks? While withholding the freaks’ supply of attention…and breaking their own addiction to virtue-narcissistic supply.


    1. The picture makes it clear that “gender dysphoria” is not the only congenital problem in this pile of genetic debris. It may not even be the biggest one.

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