Cuckface of the year

Very sneaky of this tub of soy to use the category “middle eastern refugees” rather than the more precise and relevant “moslem”. The latter has a terrorist attack rate in America 5,000% higher than the rate for non-moslems.



  1. Well he is half right based on typical lefty logic, although am not sure if it is statistically accurate. Someone murders with a gun, ban guns they scream. So technically we should ban stairs. Just saying…


  2. Bow tie? Check.

    Ill-fitting suit? Check.

    Soft hands and chin? Check.

    The only things missing are the “m’lady” fedora and a dick up the ass. My guess is: later that night.


  3. Smug self assurance. Indifference to the future… someone else will pay for that.

    IT matters not a bit if there are ZERO deaths from refugees. They are being invited the opportunity to destroy you and take over.

    This cuck can’t even imagine that basic reality.


  4. Well, Cuck – a – doodle doofus. If Glenn Beck had a son and it took after George Will, this would be hix.

    How much soy would a soy boy suck to suck as bad as this? Got Milk? Dat waciss.

    Eat meat and smoke a stogie or two. It’ll make you a God Damn Sexual Tyrannosaurus.


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