Cuckface of the year

Very sneaky of this tub of soy to use the category “middle eastern refugees” rather than the more precise and relevant “moslem”. The latter has a terrorist attack rate in America 5,000% higher than the rate for non-moslems.


  1. Well he is half right based on typical lefty logic, although am not sure if it is statistically accurate. Someone murders with a gun, ban guns they scream. So technically we should ban stairs. Just saying…


  2. Bow tie? Check.

    Ill-fitting suit? Check.

    Soft hands and chin? Check.

    The only things missing are the “m’lady” fedora and a dick up the ass. My guess is: later that night.


  3. Smug self assurance. Indifference to the future… someone else will pay for that.

    IT matters not a bit if there are ZERO deaths from refugees. They are being invited the opportunity to destroy you and take over.

    This cuck can’t even imagine that basic reality.


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